Participant Details

Travel Information

Participants are responsible for their travel costs. Plane flight and shuttle rides to and from LAX.

When to Arrive

Plan on arriving to Aldersgate by  4:00pm on Monday, June 19, 2017. You should anticipate that the shuttle ride from LAX could take 2-3 hours. Plan your plane flight to arrive no later than 2pm. You can arrive on Sunday, June 18 for no additional charge for your stay. No meals will be included. There is limited space available for the Aldersgate van to bring you to Aldersgate. Otherwise, shuttle service from LAX is easy and convenient.

When to Depart

Schedule plane flights to leave LAX after 4:00pm on Friday, June 23, 2017.

What to Bring

Blankets, sheets, towels and pillows are provided. Please bring anything else you would require for sleeping

Yoga Mat (a large bath towel will also be fine)

Music Stand

Hiking and/or swimming clothes and beach towel if you plan on hiking or swimming.

Comfortable clothes which should include warm clothes. California, by the ocean can get chilly at night. (You do not need dress clothes)

Clarinet(s) and music.

Extra Activities

Temescal Canyon Hiking Trails

Walk to the Ocean (1 mile)

Village of Pacific Palisades offers many stores, shops and eating establishments which are a few minutes walk.

Additional Important Information

Please be aware that Aldersgate is an alcohol free facility and none is allowed on the premises